Bhutan is known as the Thunder of dragon Kingdom. Natural country which is covered of 72 percent Forest, endangered flora and Fauna. Bhutan is the only Vajrayana Buddhist nation in the world. Due to its pristine environment and harmonious society, the tiny Kingdom of Bhutan has been called "The Last Shangri- La”. , Bhutan offer Cultural Tour, long adventure tour and short duration tour. You can enjoy Bhutan with breathtaking scenery, a rich Buddhist culture, and friendly peoples.

Ganga Jamuna Adventure Treks in Nepal offer you great varieties of Treks and Tours in Bhutan and provide you fully equipments and best crew. Our services with quality of foods and accommodation meet your high experiences in Bhutan.

Bhutan Trekking Packages

Bhutan Druk Path Trek

Bhutan Druk Path Trek- 11 Days

Bhutan Druk Path trek is one of the best moderate trek, we can start this either from Paro or Thimpu. Trek passes through the chain of mountains, sparsely inhabited villages, lakes, Rhododendron forests which blooms in spring season. There are some 50 species of Rhododendron found in Bhutan varies in heights and colors of flowers.

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Bhutan Jomolhari Trek

Bhutan Jomolhari Trek - 15 Days

Bhutan Jomorhari trek is a medium duration trek that is probably the most visited trekking route in Bhutan due to its easy access, beautiful terrain and spectacular views of the majestic snowcapped mountains. This trek is located at the northwestern border with Tibet;

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Bhutan Snowman Trek

Bhutan Snowman Trek - 27 Days

Bhutan Snowman trek is a remote area trekking of Bhutan. This trek consider with high passes, Challenging of long distant, altitude, remote area and challenging weather condition. It is known as difficult trekking. However this trek affords magnificent views of Himalayas and unforgettable landscape.

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Bumthang Cultural Trek

Bumthang Cultural Trek - 27 Days

Bhumtang is one of the main cultural central of Thunder Dragon Bhutan. Bhumtang cultural trek covers large numbers of Temples, Chorten, Monasteries, deeply forest villages and charming mountain ranges from passes. In this program 9 days cultural tours with the combination of 03 more days trekking.

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Bhutan Tour Packages

Bhutan Cultural Tour

Bhutan Cultural Tour - 07 Days

Bhutan Cultural tour is design for a week program. This program will give you Bhutanese culture, tradition, ecology and religion of country. This tour also includes mountain ranges, different landscape, green valley and traditional houses on the way. Paro, Thimpu,

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Bumthang Cultural Tour

Bumthang Cultural Tour - 12 Days

Bumthang is one of the main cultural valley in Bhutan. There four high valley are covered in forests which hold monasteries, chortens, large number of Temples, traditional houses made by stone and markets. This tour includes main cities of Bhutan like Paro,

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Pilgrimage Tour in Bhutan

Pilgrimage Tour in Bhutan - 11 Days

Pilgrimage Tour in Bhutan, you will discover Dzongs, Monasteries, Local temples, sacred religious sites as well as mountain peaks. Kindgom of Bhutan has recognized the most sacred religious sites in the world.

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Glimse of Bhutan Tour

Glimse of Bhutan Tour - 06 Days

Glimpse of Bhutan tour is an ideal tour program to introduce the Dragon Kingdom of Bhutan. This tour includes the glory and the myth of the Himalayan kingdom at its magnificent, perfect Buddhist cultures, Nature, Glimpse of wildlife, tradition and arts including experience Bhutanese hospitality.

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