Food on Trip

Food on Tea House Trekking

Tea house trekking is considered an easy trekking in Nepal. Tea house is similar with Hotel run by local peoples. They are very much trained preparing foods which are suitable with foreigner from every part of the world. Every trekker can choose their food from menu. They prepare fresh, hygienic food after your order. You will get real test of food on the way in tea house trek. Everest, Annapurna, Langtang trekking area is more developed in tea house.

Food on Camping Trekking

Camping trek is in remote area of Nepal, where tea houses are in under developed. In those trekking area our experience cook and assistant make your food in tent by carrying all the stocks from available place. They give you different cuisine every day in your test. They provide you food from appetizer till dessert, with which you won’t feel you are way from your home.

Food in Home Stay Trekking

Home stay trek is staying in Local peoples home by using their food from kitchen. Normally Nepali typical food DAL BHAT TARKARI is more convenient. You can even go their kitchen and try to make food way you like.

Food in Valley

In main valley there are several restaurants with different dish. Many restaurants are focus for foreigner. Kathmandu, Pokara, and other tourist destination are full of restaurant where you can be saved to order their foods.

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