Travel Information

Visa Information

Nepali Visa can be issued in International airport Immigration office. You don’t need any requirements of special documents. Passport size photo graph and visa charge in Cash.

Trekking permits

Ganga Jamuna Adventure Treks is government license holder trekking company is allow to issue any kind of trekking ,climbing and expedition permit of Nepal. Please be kind with us, we may require some documents from you.

Best time to come

Trekking in Nepal can be done throughout the year. There have categorizing different trekking trails with their landscape. As a General there are two trekking seasons in Nepal. Autumn and spring. These seasons is crowded in trekking trails, in main cities and in different touristic destinations. These seasons is requiring booking your service previously. If you want to travel Nepal in the time of winter and summer season you will find less peoples and with immediately managed service. Comparatively winter season is more comfortable to trek in Nepal than in summer.

Tourist offices

Most of your problems, your planning and information can be solved by trekking agent in Nepal like Ganga Jamuna Adventure Treks. There are Tourist police, Tourist information centre in main cities, as well as Information centre in trekking trails.

Embassy and consulate

Embassy and consulate of every country is available in Kathmandu


Communication facilities in Nepal are almost in every region. Don’t aspect every where internet. You can get mobile SIM card from main city easily. Local telephones are available in every lodge in every main trekking region.


Laundry services are available in every main city of Nepal. Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitawan, Bandipir are the main cities.

Woman Traveler

Woman traveler are safe is city tour and other short and crowded trekking trail in Nepal. Suggest taking always a guide or supporter from trekking company to be safer. It is recommending taking at least as guide in Long trek and remote trekking trails. Ganga Jamuna Adventure Trek Company can provide ladies guide or porter for ladies traveler.

Single Traveler

Single traveler is require to take at least a guide in remote are trek and in high altitude trekking trails. Be an individual every where in Nepal can be safe.

Suggested Itinerary

With your time frame and with you budget level Ganga Jamuna Adventure Trek Company can plan your trip with the way you love. We can provide you all the information via email.

Travelling with Children

Travelling with children in Nepal is no doubt easy. You can get special taking care staff from Ganga Jumuna Adventure Company. In easy and short trekking or only in Tour program you can make involve you child easily.


From budget till super deluxe Accommodation is available in Kathmandu and other main cities. In the trekking trail or Everest region are available from budget till deluxe accommodation.

Foods and Drinks

There are many restaurants who serve hygienic foods in Town. Other main touristic destinations Hotel provide good foods. If you are in Nepal in home stay trek or in remote village Nepali Dal Bhat is the best available.

Money change / transfer

Easy way to get your money is using ATM. ATM facility is in every where in Touristic town. Beside that there are money changers provide you exchange facility. On the trekking, tour or in city, hotel can accept your currency.


Nepali Banks are only available in Main city. Banks provide you exchange facility. You can take money from your credit card through bank.

Travel Insurance

Clients them self do medical or high altitude travel insurance from their country which includes rescue with helicopter too. Beside that Ganga Jamuna Adventure Treks can provide Insurance facility from Nepal. If we really need to rescue some one from high altitude, we forward total bill to your insurance company. Every client should leave their insurance covered letter in our company before departure to Trip.

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