Trekking Grading

Trekking grading is defined with the level of Difficulties of Trekking. Difficulties of Trekking in Nepal are very subjective. Weather condition, your physical fitness, your health condition and other factors are mainly supported factors. Beside that the total Duration of Trekking, Duration of stay in High altitude, the maximum different in altitude per day, temperature during your trek is also the other factors.

Easy (Grade A):

These trips are not so hard and can be enjoyed by any age of group and previous experience is not necessary. This type of trek is usually shorter and in low high up to 3000 m. you will normally walk 4 – 6 hrs per day.

Moderate (Grade B):

This type of trip is not so hard. This is mixture of some longer and shorter walk. The walking hour is normally no more than 7 hrs per day in below 5000m. High. Any reasonably fit person should able to manage these trips. These types of trip can be shorter or longer too.

Strenuous (Grade C):

These types of trek consider hardest available trekking trails in Nepal. With these hardest trails most peoples are reachable as an easy. You must be fit for walk, fit in health. This trip is above 5000 M high.

Strenuous + (Grade D):

In this kind of tour participants should have basic knowledge of using high altitude trekking gears. These types of trekking can be combining some of the high passes and peak climbing. It is above 5000m high trails with technical route. Those peoples who are suffer from Asthma, High blood pressure, heart disease or with complicated medical conditions are not suggest having that kind of trip.

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