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Visa Requirements:

Tourist Visa:

Tourists can obtain a visa on arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu and several land border crossings with India and Chaina.
Normally Tourist Visa duration options are 15, 30, and 90 days

Visa Extension:

If you wish to extend your stay beyond the initially granted period, you can apply for a visa extension at the Department of Immigration at Kalikasthan in Kathmandu or the Immigration Office in Pokhara.

Online Visa Application:

Nepal also provides an online visa application system. Travelers can fill out the application form on the official website of the Department of Immigration.

Required Documents:


Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry.
It should have at least one blank page for visa stamps.

Visa Application Form

Complete the visa application form, whether at the entry point or through the online system.

Passport-Sized Photos:

Have a few recent passport-sized photos ready for visa applications.

Visa Fee:

The visa fee varies based on the duration of your stay. Payments can be made in various currencies.
Visa Fees (as per last update):
15 days: USD 30
30 days: USD 50
90 days: USD 125

Visa on Arrival Process:

Upon arrival, fill out the visa application form either at the entry point or online in advance.
Proceed to the visa payment counter and pay the applicable fee.
Once paid, submit the completed form, along with your passport and photos, to the visa processing counter.
After processing, you will receive the visa sticker, which you can affix to your passport.


It’s advisable to have the exact amount in USD for visa fees. Immigration regulations and fees may change, so it’s crucial to check for updates before traveling. For the latest and most accurate information, you should consult the official website of the Department of Immigration of Nepal or contact the nearest Nepalese embassy or consulate.

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